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"We collect the data, so you have the knowledge"

Competitor Intelligence

Knowledge is built from the information and intelligence we identify from the data we collect. 

Whether it is the collection of accurate and high volume retail pricing and promotional data, or the collection of data of any observable objects of interest, RDAS can help you collect and collate data quickly and precisely.

With the inherent nature of data collection activity, RDAS can present results in real time,

Price Collection

  • Capture competitor offering
  • Promotional checks
  • Comparative product price analysis
  • Reporting and insights
  • Allows for proactive reaction to competitor pricing and promotions
  • Identification of pricing trends and comparisons across your business against competitors
  • Product by product comparisons to identify benchmarks & database to record
  • Customised live reports & analysis tailored to your business

 Ranging Audits

  • Competitor Range Tracking and Management
  • Share of Shelf Insights
  • Instore Product Position Insights
  • Promotional Range Reviews
  • Make better, more informed decisions regarding the market and current state of play
  • Identify trends and compare across competitors to maximise range effectiveness
  • Share of Shelf for Retailers: Review categories based on maximising sales return on space
  • Share of Shelf for Suppliers: Maximise your product range by proving your brands are more profitable than your competitors, increasing revenue for both you and the retailer

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