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Welcome to Retail Data Acquisition Services (RDAS)

We are Australia's largest retail data collection agency. With a national team of more than 400 people and growing, we can help you gather data and insights from retail environments that give your brands the competitive edge.

Make better decisions with retail visibility and insights

As specialists in data collection and market research, we deliver accurate and actionable insights by using industry leading technology to capture and deliver data in real-time.

RDAS is trusted by the largest companies in Australia and New Zealand, collecting millions of data points each month.

Find out how we can also help you get the competitive edge for your business.

Our Services

To optimise sales, brands need to gain an honest view of how their brand is presented and positioned inside the retail market.

We tailor every program, model and solution to fit your requirements. Take a closer look at our service offering here:


Mystery Shopping

The clearest way to understand the retail experience - from staff advocacy & knowledge to the customer journey.

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Competitor Intelligence

Having the correct ranging and price points is key to making your products & services attractive for your customers.

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Benchmarking & Insights

Shaping your strategy with insights and recommendations through the use of industry leading technology

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